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The Fats of Life

December 26, 2012

Since I proclaim to be an advocate of eating a healthy diet to prevent and treat many chronic illnesses, you might ask “why would I devote an entire article to fat?” Well, before you dismiss the topic or label me a nutritional heretic, hear me out: I’m not talking about packing on the pounds or […]

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Busting 4 Myths About Raising Healthy Children

August 18, 2012

Bust These 4 Myths! Cow’s Milk is Mandatory:  Of course children need calcium and other essential nutrients for proper growth and development. However, consuming milk from another animal is not necessarily the best way to get these. Additionally, we are the only species who seeks nourishment from another animal’s milk.   Although the American Dairy Council […]

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Autism: Now 1 in 88

April 5, 2012

What exactly does it mean when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announces that 1 in 88 children born in the year 2000 have autism?  I believe it means we have a national emergency on our hands!  And lets be clear, those numbers are from 2008.  Can you imagine what the actual current statistics […]

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Getting healhty helps you get pregnant….A wonderful endorsement

May 16, 2011

When my husband and I began dating seriously, we discussed future hopes and plans.  One thing we immediately agreed upon was that we wanted to try to start a family as soon as we were married.  As a woman in my early 30s, I observed several friends who married with the same hopes and plans, […]

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15 TIPS for Getting Healthy BEFORE You Get Pregnant…..

April 6, 2011

The article focuses on the importance of women getting healthy prior to conceiving

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Are There Safer Ways to Vaccinate Our Children? published in Feb issue of WNC Woman Magazine

February 1, 2011

Are There Safer Ways to Vaccinate Our Children? Maureen McDonnell, RN “There are unanswered questions about vaccine safety. We need studies on vaccinated populations based on various schedules and doses as well as individual patient susceptibilities that we are continuing to learn about. No one should be threatened by the pursuit of this knowledge. Vaccine […]

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Emerging Science and Common Sense Give Parents Better Options for Preventing and Treating Autism (published in the Autism File Magazine April 2010)

April 21, 2010

Emerging Science Combined with Common Sense Gives Parents Better Options for Preventing Autism No one has all the answers as to why so many children are developing autism. Genetic predisposition plus environmental factors? The increase in the number of vaccines given to a child before the age of 5? Some even explain this by saying […]

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