Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet (SOKHOP) is at the forefront of a new movement focused on sustainable living practices and safe and effective methods for preventing and recovering our children from ADHD, Autism, Allergies, Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes etc

We have all come a long way in our awareness of the role the 87,000 chemicals that have been created in the last hundred years (which are mostly untested and unregulated) play in conditions ranging from Infertility,  Autism,  Cancer to Obesity.   As a result of our understanding of just how detrimental these substances can be to our health, most of us are now using “green” cleaning products, natural deodorants (without aluminum) skin care and makeup without parabens, phthalates and mineral oil, and we are trying to eat more organic food, free of pesticides and avoiding genetically engineered crops.

But what about the toxins from the old days?  The ones that our body has stored?   If you haven’t made a conscious effort to get rid of those, they may be preventing you from functioning at an optimal level.   More specifically, those toxins may be a major block in your efforts to lose weight.   Did you know that fat cells form around toxins to protect our vital organs?   That is indeed the case.   Subsequently, as we begin to lose weight, toxins are liberated.  If we do not take specific actions to detoxify or pull the toxic substances out of our system, then after we lose the weight, the body (in its innate wisdom) will once again form fat cells around the toxins.  Not only will our health suffer, but we will most likely regain the weight.

Detoxifying or internal cleansing as a practice has been used for centuries as a means of  restoring vibrancy and health.  Cultures including the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Native Americans and Ayurveda in India have all used botanicals and other forms of cleansing for this purpose.  But now, in addition to purging the body of toxins created by our own metabolism  we live in a time where there’s the added burden of thousands of relatively new chemicals in our air, water and food including the 2.2 billion pounds of chemicals that are sprayed on crops each year. Almost ¾ of these new substances are small enough molecules to cross cell membranes (1),

The most recent report from the CDC found the average American had in their body 116 of the 148 synthetic compounds they tested for, including the infamous dioxin, polycyclic hydrocarbons and organochloride pesticides.  (2) Further studies by EWG revealed these same substances were also in human milk, placenta and umbilical cord blood, and in the blood and body fat of newborns!  Another report by the same group showed out of the 287 chemicals detected in umbilical cord blood, 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animals.  (3)

New research is indicating that these same chemicals found in humans from birth to old age are contributing to the growing number of chronic illnesses that 54% of our kids and 60% of adults are affected by.   Conditions such as abnormal fetal development,  diminished intelligence, behavior problems, asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, autism, obesity, dementia as well as reproductive system abnormalities (precocious puberty, infertility) are all associated with the (mostly untested) chemicals we are exposed to in our daily lives.

Sources of Toxins:  Here are but a few:  processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals used in dry cleaning and household cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, building materials, plastic containing BPA, perfumes, scented shampoos, skin lotions made with mineral oil (a derivative of petroleum), heavy metals (dental amalgams are 50% mercury), infections, vaccines (which contain aluminum,  formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, ethylene glycol, phenol, MSG, propylene glycol) as well as chemicals our body creates from our own metabolism and when under stress.

The Liver to the Rescue: Our liver is a complex 3 lb. organ with over 500 functions. It is located under the upper right area of our ribcage and due to the onslaught of toxic chemicals it is being called on to neutralize, it is by far, the most overworked and underappreciate organ in the body! In addition to producing cholesterol, breaking down estrogens, regulating blood sugar, manufacturing bile, it has the burdensome task of detoxifying harmful substances by making them into water soluble molecules that can be eliminated in the urine, stool and sweat.   [click to continue…]


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